Study reveals how COVID-19 damages the heart

University of Queensland researchers have discovered how COVID-19 damages the heart, opening the door to future treatments.

30 September 2022

Weed killer detected in Australian urine samples

An Australian-first study by researchers from The University of Queensland has found 8 per cent of urine samples drawn from the general public contained a common weed killer.

30 September 2022
A person holding a spray bottle standing in front of plants at a plant nursery
A bearded man in a short and high vis vest sits with his head bowed in a factory.

A University of Queensland study is investigating the issues around employee disclosure of medical conditions in the workplace, with a particular emphasis on military veterans.

29 September 2022
A small boy lies in a hospital bed, while a nurse holds a mobile phone near him to record his cough.

Global biopharmaceutical company Pfizer has acquired University of Queensland startup ResApp Health Limited for $179 million.

27 September 2022
fingers on a keyboard overlaid with padlock icons

A University of Queensland study has identified a need to prioritise cybersecurity training for board directors, to better protect Australian organisations from cyber-attacks.

27 September 2022
A man in a wheelchair with a woman standing beside him

A clinical suite at a University of Queensland health research facility is ready to help unlock the mysteries of neurological conditions experienced by one billion people worldwide.

26 September 2022
Rows of maroon and yellow capsule medication in blister packs

University of Queensland researchers say metal compounds could be the answer to the growing problem of drug-resistant fungal infections.

26 September 2022
A suburban street with trees lining the median strip next to a walking path. Part of a small silver car is visible in the bottom-left corner

Researchers say more investment in tree planting is needed after discovering inequality in shade-coverage across certain Brisbane suburbs.

23 September 2022
Jacaranda tree in front of UQ sandstone in The Great Court

The recipients of this year’s University of Queensland Alumni Awards are transforming communities across the world - from improving regional and rural healthcare to saving threatened ecosystems.

21 September 2022

Seven University of Queensland researchers have received National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) funding to support collaborative research and improve health outcomes.

21 September 2022
close up view of a microscope and its lenses

Dozens of mid and early-career University of Queensland researchers have been awarded funding from the Australian Research Council (ARC).

21 September 2022
Wild dingo looking at the camera.

Cameras that spy on wildlife could provide the secrets scientists need to save vulnerable species.

17 September 2022
An aerial map showing the town of Tennant Creek, Northern Territory.

A multi-disciplinary team of UQ researchers has been recognised for a co-designed project investigating the link between housing, crowding and infectious diseases in remote Indigenous communities.

16 September 2022